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We are fast approaching the summer months, a busy time with individuals, families, and bus groups coming as pilgrims to the Shrine!

Whether pilgrims have been here before or it is their first visit, volunteers present at key places are important in assisting pilgrims during their time here.

There are a variety of ways that open to volunteers, and there is a basic list on the volunteer page.

Due to a variety of circumstances, we have some specific needs that need to be filled now.  If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity during the summer, and you are willing to commit to a day a week, here is one area that needs to have a volunteer present and ready to help pilgrims and visitors:???????????????????????????????

Votive Candle Chapel – Sundays

If you are available every Sunday, or perhaps every other Sunday, or even one specific Sunday a month, that would be a tremendous help!  The Votive Candle Chapel is usually the first building of the Shrine that visitors see as they pull into the parking lot.  So, every Sunday should have a volunteer at the desk in the Votive Candle Chapel.

If this is something you are interested in, or you know someone who would enjoy volunteering on a regular day, please contact Sister M. Ancilla or Doug Reinhart.


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