Guidelines for Dress

Please Dress Modestly

The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a place of religious pilgrimage and of worship.  Thus, reverence in manner of dress and behavior is appreciated.

Bodily demeanor (clothing/gestures) ought to convey the respect, solemnity and joy of this moment when Christ becomes our Guest (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1387).

We all have a responsibility to each other to dress modestly, especially during the warmer seasons.  Appropriate dress is conducive to an atmosphere of prayer and of meeting the Lord.

Inappropriate dress is distracting to maintaining a prayerful atmosphere, and it becomes a source of temptation and sets a bad example when attending Holy Mass and other devotions.

Inappropriate clothing includes:

  • short shorts
  • skirts above the knee
  • low neckline
  • sleeveless shirts
  • exposed midrif
  • exposed back
  • clothing that is tight-fitting
  • clothing that is see-through
  • clothing that bears offensive print

Please give the respect due to God at Our Lady’s Shrine.

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