Mother of Good Counsel Votive Candle Chapel

The Mother of Good Counsel Votive Candle Chapel, located at the beginning of the pilgrim’s ascent to the Shrine Church, is the place in which the pilgrim, both at the beginning and at the conclusion of the pilgrimage, may place in God’s hands his or her prayers through the lighting of votive candles. The candles are constantly burning to represent the ceaseless prayer of God’s children and of their heavenly Mother for the salvation of our world.

The chapel is dedicated to our Blessed Mother, under her title Mother of Good Counsel. Mary is the Mother of Good Counsel, for she draws us and leads us to Christ, the Wisdom of God Incarnate. Mary fills us with hope, for she brings us to Christ, who reveals to us God the Father and His immeasurable love for us in His plan for our eternal happiness.


Our Lady of Lourdes

From the distance, the intense glow of candles beckons a warm welcome to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Stained glass windows honoring Our Blessed Mother under her titles of Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Knock, Our Mother of Good Counsel, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Loretto, Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal remind pilgrims of the constant efforts of Our Lady to bring us to Her Son.

The candle rack inside the chapel measures 16 feet high and 12.5 feet wide and contains 576 candles that pilgrims can request to be lit for periods of weeks, months or years. The interior of the chapel is porcelain tile manufactured in Italy. Stained glass windows are from Winona, Minnesota. The exterior of the chapel is comprised of a blend of both field and cut limestone. The spire is copper and was custom designed for this chapel.

The Virgin Mary, under her title of Mother of Good Counsel, bids us to come to her Son and to learn from Him what we should do (cf. Jn 2:5).
Fittingly, the Votive Candle Chapel is placed under her protection.  The Votive Candle Chapel expresses symbolically the unfailing intercession of our Blessed Mother on our behalf, that is, her constant love and prayers for us.  Even as the people of God honored God by their devotion to the Ark of the Covenant, the sign of His presence in their midst, so we fittingly honor God by our devotion to the Mother of God whose womb was the ark in which God first came to dwell among us in our human flesh.  Even as the people of God, in the presence of the Ark of the Covenant, made offerings to worship God and to beg His blessing, so the pilgrims who come here — and those who cannot come here but unite themselves spiritually to this sacred place — will offer a lighted candle, before the image of the Mother of God, as a sign of their unceasing prayer, in Christ, for their special needs and for the salvation of the world.  Mary, the Mother of God, brought the needs of the newlyweds and their guests at Cana to her divine Son.  She will never fail to bring our needs to the loving Heart of Jesus.
The Mother of Good Counsel Votive Candle Chapel is the sign of the continuing prayer of pilgrims for the needs of the Church throughout the world and of our Blessed Mother’s unfailing intercession for those needs. 

(Bishop Raymond L. Burke, Homily of Blessing of the Pilgrim Center and Mother of Good Counsel Votive Chapel, 12 December 2002)

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