Saint Maria Goretti Guild

The Shrine honors Saint Maria Goretti (1890 – 1902) as a patroness of purity, the youth, and forgiveness.  Maria Goretti was a young girl who lived in Lazio, Italy. She was known for her loving and kind spirit and complete devotion to God. When she was eleven years old a neighboring boy made inappropriate advances and attempted to assault her.  She courageously stood up to him, protecting her purity, but was stabbed by him during the attack. On her deathbed, the following day, she forgave her attacker. Saint Maria Goretti is a model of chastity and forgiveness.

Saint Maria Goretti is considered a model of mercy and courage.  A young saint, she is a most powerful intercessor for young people today, especially for those struggling to guard their dignity in secular society.

At her side altar in the Shrine Church, a first-class relic of Saint Maria Goretti is permanently on display for veneration by the faithful, especially those seeking her intercession.

Members enrolled in the guild receive the benefit of being remembered in Shrine Masses invoking the intercession of Saint Maria Goretti.  St. Maria Goretti Guild Masses take place every third Monday of each month at 11:00 a.m.

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A card can be sent to you upon request so that you may send it to the enrollee.


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