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Knights on Bikes

The first week of June, the Shrine welcomed a very special group of pilgrims—all on motorcycles and wearing matching leather or black denim vests with the familiar logo of the Knights of Columbus. This unique gathering of Knights of Columbus call themselves the Knights on Bikes, and their mission is to evangelize wherever they go.

The Road to Evangelizing


Founder Raymond Medina explains, “My expectations are to change everyone’s mindset of a biker’s life and deeds. When I first started Knights on Bikes, I thought of us as Seraph Angels, the highest of all angels to protect our church, priest, deacons and all who believe in our Catholic faith. We are all evangelizers serving our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Every two years, the Knights on Bikes make a group retreat to grow in fellowship. This year, around 50 Knights traveled from across the country, some bringing their wives along, to spend three days on retreat at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The highlight of their pilgrimage was when the Knights had the opportunity to meet with Cardinal Burke and induct him as an honorary member. They even presented His Eminence with his own Knights on Bikes vest.

In addition to meeting with Cardinal Burke, the retreat included a guided tour of the beautiful Shrine Church and talks by the Norbertine priests that aligned with the conference’s theme:

“Healing and Love of Neighbor.”

Their Pilgrim Experience


These biker pilgrims took advantage of the Shrine’s daily schedule of prayer, Mass, confession, and adoration.

Medina shared that all the Knights on pilgrimage “were overwhelmed with love and joy.”

Another Knight, Dave, said of the pilgrimage: “It is important to build relationships that are focused on the souls of others and work toward their well-being.”

This Marian retreat held special significance for the Knights on Bikes. The Knights of Columbus, through their Silver Rose program, work to “share the message of Our Lady of Guadalupe and promote respect for life.” In the past, the Knights on Bikes were honored to help escort The Silver Rose on its pilgrimage from Canada through the United States to Mexico City. They joined in the procession as a demonstration of unity and in honor of Our Lady between the Knights of Columbus throughout Canada, the US, and Mexico.

Who are the Knights?


The Knights on Bikes were founded by Raymond Medina in 2005 in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2025, they will celebrate twenty years. Members are from all 50 states and their membership is close to 15,000 bikers. Their vision is, “To be an exemplary member of the Knights of Columbus, an exemplary practicing Catholic gentleman, and an exemplary citizen” and to “be a well-rounded, knowledgeable gentleman in all aspects of the Knights of Columbus and Catholic teachings.”

Medina carries business cards with the phrases “In God we trust and ride” and “You’ve just been hit with a random act of kindness.”

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