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Holy Mass with Cardinal Burke

On June 9, His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke offered a Solemn Pontifical High Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. These are important occasions, especially for the tens of thousands of souls who come on pilgrimage to the Shrine each year. In the Solemn Pontifical High Mass, great attention is given to the instruments of Cardinal Burke’s office—such as, his miter, his crozier, his ring, his coat-of-arms—because each of these symbolize Cardinal Burke’s ministry to all the pilgrims and remind His Eminence of his grave responsibilities. These Solemn Pontifical High Masses at the Shrine are extraordinarily beautiful, suffused with exquisite sacred music, magnificent vestments, and carefully executed choreography, because of the respect during the sacred liturgy due to His Eminence, who, at the altar of sacrifice, is not just the priest, but also the victim, not in the bloody sense, but in the sacramental sense: He is alter Christus, another Christ for you.

The gallery below shows much of the rich beauty of these Holy Masses, but you really have to see it to truly experience a sense of the sacred.

The next Solemn Pontifical High Mass will be on Saturday, August 5, 11:00am . Come and see! More details and photos below.


Upcoming Masses with His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Solemn High Mass with His Eminence: Saturday, August 5, 11:00am