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Next Sunday, November 13, all Holy Doors throughout the world are to be closed, including ours at the Shrine.

The Closing of the Holy Door of Mercy at the Shrine will take place next Sunday, November 13th, at the 1:00pm Mass.

The celebration will include special prayers throughout the Mass emphasizing the theme of mercy and thanksgiving, but the Mass remains proper to the Sunday.

The main exception to that is the addition (recommended by the Holy See) of a prayer of thanksgiving like the Magnificat, just after the Closing Prayer (Prayer after Communion) and before the final blessing.


After the 1:00pm Mass:

Eucharistic Exposition, followed by various Divine Mercy prayers and time for silent adoration.

At 3:00pm:  the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (sung)


Confessions will be available throughout the afternoon following the 1:00pm Mass.

People will be encouraged to gain the Jubilee plenary indulgence for the last time.

The Holy Door will be closed at the end of the day.

Conclusion of the Jubilee of Mercy – November 20 – Solemnity of Christ the King

The following Sunday, November 20, is the end of the Holy Year of Mercy. Pope Francis will close the Holy Door at the Basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome.

The Mass at the Shrine is that of the Solemnity of Christ the King.  The theme of mercy and the Holy Year will be spoken of in the homily.

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