Christmas Radio Programming

Statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Pilgrim Center Plaza - Dec 12


Happy Advent! Happy New Year of Grace!

If you listen to a Catholic Radio Station other than Relevant Radio, and think it may be a good venue for the Shrine’s “Christmas at the Shrine” program, please let that station know about the following:

Since 2007 we have professionally produced a free radio offering, Christmas at the Shrine, that is commercial-free and available for direct download from our site.

Total time is 59:45 and you have our permission to cut and alter it to fit your format requirements as long as due credit is given. It is an MP3.

Again, there are no commercials or commercial breaks and very little talk. You are welcome to offer it for sponsorship, but it cannot be duplicated and sold or given away as an audio file.

A short sample is available at You will hear me as the announcer, our 2000 pipe organ, carillon, a special new song recorded in the Shrine Church, and portions of the Christmas Gospel read by our founder, Cardinal Raymond L. Burke.

We will supply you with a direct link to the complete show upon request.

We hope this recording will become a tradition at your station as it has on the Relevant Radio network and others!

If at any time you need other audio, especially news updates, feel free to call Jack Socha, in Production & Communications.

If you need the link to the file and Jack is not available, please ask for our Director of Communications, Sr. Ancilla.

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