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Guadalupe Choral Competition


Competition Location: 
Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe
5250 Justin Rd.
La Crosse, WI 54601


A Competition for Catholic High School Chamber Choirs

(8 - 36 voices.)


  1. Each choir will receive a half-hour competition period. Choirs will perform 3 pieces of sacred music. The selections must be of the Judeo/Christian tradition.
  2. The performance will be rated by a three-judge panel according to the performance standards outlined below.
  3. At the completion of the Choir’s performance, one judge will address the choir and provide performance feedback to the choir and director.  This will take place after the choir has adjourned to the lower level of the church.


a catholic high school choral competition 

Order of Appearance:

Each choir’s order of appearance will be determined by the Festival Coordinator after the entry submission period is closed. Every effort will be made to accommodate travel schedules. You will be notified of your assigned time. 

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Judging Criteria

  1. Intonation,  tone quality, balance and blend

  2. Rhythm and diction.

  3. Fidelity to style through technique and interpretation.

  4. Overall artistic impression.

  5. Program choice through appropriateness of the music for the competition and the choir’s talent.

  6. Written comments from each judge will be provided to each choir director. 

  7. The top three choirs will receive gold, silver and bronze awards, according to their rating.

Performance Rules 

  1. Three copies of each musical selection must be submitted to the Festival Coordinator by March 1, 2023. 

  2. A cappella performances by choirs are preferred but not required. 

  3. The Shrine church has wonderful acoustics, for choral singing, so there will be no microphone amplification.

  4. A performance with musical scores is permitted.  Photocopied scores are not allowed.


Dress Code.

  1. For the competition period, choir robes or concert attire are required.

  2. For non-performance time, modesty in dress is expected due to the sacred nature of the Shrine church and grounds.


Additional performance opportunities can be on the Shrine grounds, including the Votive Candle Chapel and Pilgrim Center.


Registration cost will be $175 per choir.

There will be an additional cost for lunch.  Package details forthcoming.

registration is open through March 1, 2023


"This area is just incredible, a lot of people don't really know about the bluff country along the Mississippi. All beauty of any kind turns our hearts and minds slowly towards God, to the final beauty which is the beatific vision, in seeing God face to face."

- Joseph Larson, Pilgrim