Feast Day of Saint Blaise = Blessing of Throats

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February 3rd is the feast day of Saint Blaise, who was the bishop of Sebaste in Armenia during the 4th century. Blase was a physician before becoming a bishop. Tradition holds that he was to have miraculously cured a child who nearly died because of a fishbone caught in the throat.

From the 8th century on, Saint Blaise has been invoked on behalf of the sick, especially those afflicted with illness of the throat.

Because of this, it is tradition to offer the Rite of Blessings of Throats.  There will be two opportunities to receive the Blessing of the Throat:

1. At the 12:15PM Celebration of Holy Mass, after the homily; and,
2. At 3:15PM, before the Holy Hour.

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