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Please pray for my lost family members ,that are confused about life and belief. Please pray for my little ones to open their hearts and love one another,instead of pain and hurt. I pray for my husband's process that we are going through. I pray for courage and strength for myself to overcome that I face. I ask this all in the name Our Lord, Amen.

My sister is going a divorce and she needs Father God help I feel she needs to find Our Lord thy God please help me pray for her to our Heavenly Mother my sister name is Loretta Thank you brother in Christ. Vincent Ramos. God blessings Thank you once again

Judie, Click here: http://www.guadalupeshrine.org/airing-this-weekend-april-1-2-2017 then you will find a link to the Broadcast Guide, where you can find channel and time for where you live. Blessings! Sister M. Ancilla

I live in Michigan, lower penninsula, What station would I be able to see this program on ? We have comcast cable. Thank you

My dearest Blessed Lady of Guadalupe, please liberate my grandparents house from the hands of Jeannie Olsen. She is trying to harm my aunt and divide my family. To thee I bestow my plea. I love you with all of my heart. Please send me your rose today🌹

Dear Eminence, we thoroughly relished discovering and visiting —an EXTRA day at your request, back in July '16 —this beautiful Shrine on our way through N. Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan back to our home in Canada. Elizabeth IS Mexican-American-Canadian. Raised in New Jersey, her folks were both from Mexico. She passionately loves Our Lady of Guadalupe, and we're both eternally in your debt for having brought Mother of the Americas closer to her children in the States and Canada. While we're both saddened at developments at the Vatican —re Amore Laetitia —we're equally thrilled at your calm, clear, and yes, kind defence of Church teaching. With the other e-mailers, we're proud of having met a true son of the Church, proven by your developing a Catechetical Centre at the Shrine, based on and dedicated to the life-long teaching of Fr. John Hardon, SJ. Indeed, this project addresses the crying need of today, Adult Catechesis.

How I wish it be done in our parish. Having the priest facing the congregation is not only too distracting it makes the sacrifice of the mass seem like a spectacle.

Thank you for organizing this. I can not wait for our family to take part in this.

Please hear my prayers in your name I pray

Happy New Year, Sister Renee! Father Jacinto was transferred to take on new responsibilities in their Congregation. So, Father Elias is now the rector. Father Joachim is Father Guardian. There are times during the year when a 3rd priest is needed -- please pray for this intention! Blessings! Sister M. Ancilla

Thank you Cardinal Burke. God bless you:)

Please add me to an email list if you have one. Thank you and God bless, Mary Ramm

[…] Seasonal – Special Event […]

As a Catholic and Marian Catechist, I am very proud of Cardinal Burke! His faith and courage are second to none. Hang in there, Your Eminence.

Very nice! May this practice become ever more present in parishes everywhere!

I would also like to thank you, Cardinal Burke, for your courage serving the Church and God. I truly appreciate all your efforts seeking reverence in worship and clarity in Church teachings. You have been solidly shouldering this responsibility for years and I fear it will be a heavy cross to carry for the foreseeable future. Please know that you go with the prayers of many and your efforts are appreciated. The Shrine is magnificent and beautiful and will be a gift to Catholics for generations to come.

Celebrating the Mass ad orientem is great!

Thank you, Cardinal Burke, for this announcement and decision... and thank you for all that you do for your flock and to insure the protection of the true teachings of the Chruch. May God Bless you always!

praying For the priests daily, sorry for typo! Sister Renee'

Hello, It has been a long time since I have visited the Shrine, found out today that Father Elias has arrived! How exciting. It will be wonderful to meet him. Is Father Jacinto still on staff there, along with Father Joachim? Please let me know, I have been praying the priests daily. yours in Jesus and Mary, Sister Renee'

Dear Doris, I guess I am not sure what you mean by the "table" and what you mean by the "Altar", since the Celebration of Holy Mass is always offered on the Altar, in the Sanctuary. If you could clarify this for me --

Please Pray for a little 7 year old girl named, Philomena Stendardo 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 Please!

Thank you Sister, someone had mentioned that Cardinal Burke had the table removed and Mass would be said at the Altar. I was praying that that was true.

Lesley, The Tilma-Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is certainly in itself miraculous. And, new things are being discovered in it as time goes on, with the use of developing technology. On our website, we simply provide for the general public what has been scientifically proven up to this point. Also, we provide the interpretation of the Tilma according to the "Codex,", according to the language of the native people in 1531. The interpretation of the tilma, the symbols, the "codex," then, is the message to all of us today.

Dear Doris, In the celebration of Mass "ad orientem", the Altar remains in the Sanctuary - the priest celebrating the Mass stands on the other side of the Altar, in the Sanctuary. The candles and the Missal on the altar are placed on the opposite side. Otherwise, all is the same as far as the celebration of the Mass, with both celebrant and people "facing the Lord." Am I answering your question correctly? If not, please let me know. Sister M. Ancilla

Has the Table on the Altar been removed? Thank you

May she visit Luo land in Kenya and convert all of them to Catholicism. Her help is most needed. May she visit our other areas in Kenya as well. Amen

There seems to be much more imagery than your list. First it is obvious there is a child at Mary's feet.,the face is on,the left looking down. The folds of her dress at the bottom form the blanket protecting the child. The amazing other symbol is mary is protecting her priests. There is a Jewish priest with prayer box across his forehead which has a cross symbolizing what they should put first God. Mary's hands are the priest hands and the brown ruffles are the scapular she asked us and priests to concecrate to her. There is also a wolf face peeking out on her left below her face. In,addition to that there is the all seeing eye below the wolf part of a dragon image in the pattern with scales in the right across from the eye. It is difficult to see the mouth of the priest but the nose is directly beneath her broach or Jewish prayer box. It is definitely an eye below the wolf. I also see Jesus crucified in the fold of her garmet on the right. His head is tilted back to His mother and he is outstretched on the cross. I'm sure there are some I haven't found yet. Am I the only one that can see?

Lord I am claiming, declaring, and receiving victory over my prayers my breakthroughs are here, for you nothing is impossible I claim divine acceleration Abba I know I'm about to have some amazing testimony of your love and what faith and trust in your word promises will do Wally and I will have a blessed marriage live debt free and so much more in Jesus Christ matchless name so it is Amen and Amen!

I need good catholics to join me in prayers asking for Blessed Miguel Pro to obtain a miracle in the healing of Michael, a veteran American Officer in the army who is dying rapidly of cancer.

the above picture looks like father solanus casey.....i prayed to ask him to save my son's kidney....the doctors took it out....thank god greg is healthy.....the doctors now say he has parkinson......i am praying to father and also asked Saint pope john paul ii to intercede to God that greg does not have parkinson.....please pray with me........pray for me and my 2 sons and their families.....please heal us Jesus

Please pray for our 16 year old son Eli who will be transferred to LaCrosse corrections facility today to enter the Core Academy secure treatment program in order to keep him safe from himself as he suffers from drug addiction and anxiety/depression. He has asked that I find him a nearby priest to hear his confession and bring him the Eucharist while he is there. (We live several hours away in Washington County). Might one of the friars be able to visit him if I can clear this with the program? Thank you, Rebecca

Please bless & pray for us.

Email me news

Praying for Drew and Luciana , for their to find grace , hope and true love again clear Luciana's mind from anxiety and mental challenges to see again Drew . We pray a lot for them !

Please pray for my wife (Tonia) who' s been diagnosed with terminal lung and breast cancer. My family and I will keep you and the Holy League in our prayers.

May Saint Faustina intercede for you, that Divine Mercy flow upon the relationship, and experience healing. In Him, Sister M. Ancilla

Dear Lisa, We will be praying for your intentions and the for the miracles you need for your family. In Him, Sister M. Ancilla

Dear Michaela, I hope Hannah's exam went well! May she, and you, be blessed today, the feast of Saint Faustina, and always! In Him, Sister M. Ancilla

Please pray for me so that the misunderstanding and damage caused to the relationship between me ryan & me lalu be healed and restored sooner and become more strong and everlasting amen

I pray my intentions be answer for the miracles I need for my family.

Please pray (both in thanksgiving for and for the continuation of personal/spiritual development) for my dear friend Hannah. She had helped me grow immensely in recognizing my needs and sharing my struggles and she is a total Godsend; right now she's taking an exam that she's worried about, so again please pray and praise God for her! Thank you!

Please contact the travel agency -- Mater Dei Tours or Pentecost Tours -- for the details of the pilgrimage you are interesting in making. Thank you!


Will Mass be celebrated on Monday Labor Day ( tomorrow)at 12:15 and are there confessions 10:30 -noon?

oh this is so wonderful. Our Deacon Paul is going to be at her services and it aiding in the mass with hope to meet both Popes.. I will pray that Sunday you have a church full

beautiful of you .. what would the cost per person or double acupancy be

Agradecida de haver encontrado este lugar bendiciones

[…] http://www.guadalupeshrine.org/resources/guadalupe/facts […]

Dear Rachel, Since the Shrine is not a parish church, we limit such Sacraments such as Marriage to staff and board members of the Shrine, once permission is granted. However, we can host wedding receptions in our culina mariana cafe. As a newly couple, you can come to the Shrine for a blessing of your marriage by one of the friar-priests. Peace and all good, Sister M. Ancilla

I recently just got engaged and am looking for a church to get married in. I have visited the shrine several times and am wondering if you perform wedding ceremonies here?

Love it there.....

Thanks for posting my prayers

We will look forward to your return visit!


Hola mi esposo y yo estamos interesado en ganar indulgencias y nos han dicho q tenemos q asistir 5 cinco sabado seguidos al santuario de guadalupe pero no sabemos que mas tenemos que hacer ,alguien nos podria ayudar gracias Dios los bendiga

My husband and I visited the shrine about three years ago on our way to Oregon. We were very impressed with what we saw and have always wanted to go back. Maybe this summer.

will there be a noon mass at the Shrine of our Lady on May 16th, by Fr. Samuel Medley?

oh what a gift. thanks for sharing the pictures

Dear Mr. Belingon, I am sorry I missed your question. Although is this past, to answer your question in general - on Holy Thursday there is not a Mass during the day, until the Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, which is celebrated at the Cathedral and at parish church. Peace and all good, Sister M. Ancilla

I apologize for not seeing your message -- it looks like you sent it on March 25, Good Friday, and the Shrine was closed both Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Peace and all good, Sister M. Ancilla

Hello will there be mass a mass Saturday 03/26/16?!

Is there a mass on Holy Thursday at 12:15 pm?

[…] Schedule for Divine Mercy Sunday […]

Please can you pray for me I'm 28 years old and I'm trying to get house please pray this will come true successfully I am single and I would like to meet at the catholic companion please pray I will I have a weight problem I need to stick to the healthy diet please pray I will have the strength and the courage and the confidence to stick to this diet I have a lot of financial problems please pray for God to protect you from all my enemies please pray for God to him if an exciting depression and please pray for peace and love and our family protect us from all evil

Pray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night sleep

Thank you praying. God bless you.

This is the Way! Thanks be to GOD.....

came to the Shrine today My third trip Husbands second and our newest Catholics first trip her birthday week and Christmas gift combo with grandpa and I Desire Will make her Confirmation and her First Communion in April and we try to share with her as many things as possible,, so when we asked her to go she was so happy,, even though Monday brought your first snow fall and blocked a few areas she walk all the way up Lite her own candle in the Votive chapel and then so sincerely prayed at and with the saints of the Shrine. father and the volunteers we so great and so pleasant, we were sorry we could not visit the gift shop But she is hooked and we will be back in the summer thank you it was as beautiful as every, and every prayer we have ever left on the altar is heard. Ed and Mary Hollinshead and Desire McGough

Requesting the graces of give until it hurts, not having a life, final perseverance, faith, purity, personal sanctification, sanctification, simple life, holiness, holiness in ordinary life, ordinary life, mission, and conversion for: Eligio, Huber, Manuel, Leonides, Juan, Raul, Alex, Reggie, Drew, Hugo, Victor, Ramon, Austin, Tilden, Shiv, Sam, Eric, Hank, Neal, Jake, Roman, Josh, Martin, Jon, Preston, Ari, Edgar, Abel, Humberto, Eric, Edwin, Jonathan, Johnny, Ferny and Fernando, including myself from my heart with so tender fervor humble love.

Alleluia Jesus!

Love this Special Place... I'm going to hurry and come back..

RIP and Grazie....

[…] How this shrine came to be in rural Wisconsin traces to the desires of a Bishop and of a family to create a place that would bring people closer to God. […]

[…] How this shrine came to be in rural Wisconsin traces to the desires of a Bishop and of a family to create a place that would bring people closer to God. […]

Steve's contact information: sdoll@guadalupeshrine.org

Trying to get in touch with Steve Doll in regard his program to promote visiting Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine. mano.amiga@ymail.com

Beautiful experience! I am telling everybody I know to go.

When I was around ten I had a vision in my bedroom. It was of the Virgin Mary shining in a bright white light. I was frightened and ran into the living room and told my mother, she told me I must of had a dream although several nights later Mary appeared again and I closed my eyes and went back to sleep thinking it was a dream. The dates were around the end of October and I think about this every end of October. In my life I have had several experiences that I felt a definite spiritual intervention had happened to assist me in a time of immediate need.

[…] exquisite detail.  Elsewhere on the grounds there is a memorial for the unborn, statuary, and an outdoor stations of the cross.  A must see for pilgrims and […]

Dear friends I was wondering if you could pray for me I am from the UK I am 28 years old and I'm in need of prayer in my life I was married for seven years I suffered with a lot of the mastic violence from him and his family Myron marriage he won't don't mean committed and adultery five years ago when another my woman I am fighting to get my divorce so I can get an annulment in the Catholic Church please but only in God will grant this Mary to me please pray for me as I suffer with a heart break from Natalie situation I suffer with depression and eggs ID and I also have polycystic ovaries I suffer with a large amount to wait a wee problem pray that God will give me the whip understand to get it down and live a healthy lifestyle I have a lot of financial problems and I'm living with my family and I'm only on benefits so if it's going to be really please pray that God will grant me the difficult times I am up in court from my driving license please pray that I am pleased on my car is broke down at the minute please pray to be repaired on the road again me from my family for work to come my dad and brothers Waze and he will help support us also I would like to meet someone if it is gods will and be blessed with children of my own and my ex partner he continues to criticise me and back and back byeThe crown of me true the world I have a letter uncles and aunts and outlaws and organise and cousins there are always jealous and criticising me and my family and speaking ill of this through the word pray for peace to consider hard singled welcome I do hurts and please pray for protectors and all are enemies please pray for my older sister Mary McGinlay she's got bipolar depression is a long parent and two oldest kids up on that are pray for my sister Caroline she's got bipolar depression when younger sisters type on direct and there is a lot of broken hearts and all pray for God to mend them around the right companions to pray for love and peace in our family and grant all your needs prefer peace and love and my mum and dads marriage for good health and in loveany think you say I'm sorry about this been so long

[…] several modern paintings and statuary with exquisite detail. Elsewhere on the grounds there is a memorial for the unborn, statuary, and an outdoor stations of the cross. A must see for pilgrims and […]

[…] several modern paintings and statuary with exquisite detail.  Elsewhere on the grounds there is a memorial for the unborn, statuary, and an outdoor stations of the cross.  A must see for pilgrims and […]

[…] and statuary with exquisite detail.  Elsewhere on the grounds there is a memorial for the unborn, statuary, and an outdoor stations of the cross.  A must see for pilgrims and […]

Dear Teresa, Please contact Pat Krause - (608) 799-4571 - since she is taking the RSVP's, and would be able to tell you if someone from Minnesota has RSVP'd. Thank you! Sister M. Ancilla

Send me information. Fo you have one going from Minnesota?

Maria, Our Blessed Mother, since the birth of the Church and the coming of the Holy Spirit, has been with the Church since then and continues to be with us, her children. She lets us know of her presence in many ways. One way is appearing on earth, in various countries, to various peoples, with a specific message meant for all peoples. Thus, the apparition/appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Saint Juan Diego occurred in December 1531. Her message to the Aztec people of that time, and to us today, is that she is our Mother, who wants to help us to grow closer to her Son. Her dress is full of symbols that were understood by the Aztec people -- she is with Child, the Son of the true God. "I am not your Mother? Am I not here? I hold you in the folds of my arms." She is Mother of the entire Continent of America; she is Patroness of the Unborn; and she is the Star of the New Evangelization. Pray to her - she is Holy Mary, our Mother -- pray to her as you would to a Mother -- she helps us in all our needs, and shows us the way to her Son, Jesus. Take a look at: http://www.guadalupeshrine.org/resources/guadalupe. If you have any more questions -- I only explained very briefly -- feel free to email : srmancilla@guadalupeshrine.org.

Hi I would like to know what is the purpose of our lady of Guadalupe? Who is she? Why is she important amd honored? Do people pray to her? I have a picture of her on my wall in my house but I dont understand who she is and what she has done for us?

Jacqueline, If you to to our Videos page, the video is the first one that appears: http://www.guadalupeshrine.org/multimedia/videos The song is "Salvation Poem" - the priest is Monsignor Joseph Hirsch. Sister M. Ancilla Director, Communications

where can I find video and name of the priest that plays guitar and sings "Help me Lord to live for You?

I love your posts and reminders Thank you I have a monthly donation being made to the shrine and I would like a candle lit for Memorial weekend for my deseased relatives and son seving in Afganistan I candle God Bless You all

A beautiful soul responding to another beautiful soul in Christ: this indeed is a great thing! God love you!

God is showing us the way of truth through Cardinal Burke this, I truly believe. I remember the feeling upon meeting him the first time, immediately knowing that this was a Holy man. In times of distress I gain strength by recalling the depth of his faith and convictions. This little child knew as well and has been blessed to be touched by Cardinal Burke's gentle spirit. God be with this precious little boy.

this is a beautiful story. i do believe! merry christmas!!!!!!!!!

I have been a big supporter of Cardinal Burke for quite a long time. His dedication to the Blessed Sacrament and our Blessed Mother is deeply moving. The story of a little boy who so despertly wanted to receive his First Holy Communion is touching and is a wonderful symbol of the young people in our Church. Thank you for sharing.

Not that much surprised by Cardinal Burke and his response..might have done the same if i held this same authority through our Church. God sure has some awesome lovers working to get even closer to Jesus Christ ans may they ever be at work like this at His coming again.

Such a heartwarming story. I will keep young Louis in my prayers.....he is surely a "saint-in-the-making"! Thank you dear Cardinal Burke for being "Jesus" to this little boy. Who knows, he may be chosen Pope someday! Blessings all at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Sandy in San Mateo, CA

This story of little Louis made me weep. I ache for a shepherd like Burke. God bless the Martins.... Our lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!!!

Beautiful Story.

[…] 2005, he proposed to her at the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in LaCrosse, Wis. in the Mother of Good Counsel Votive Candle Chapel. The 14-foot high tower of candles puts off an other-worldly blue hue in the usual-looking chapel. […]

Thank you so much for posting Cardinal Burke's homilies during his visit. Some of us Marian Catechist can not attend the masses because of health reasons but we can benefit so very much from reading the words His Eminence has shared with the many who are so blessed. This is another way we can be united in prayer and sacrifice.

God bless our Pope Francis, our Pope Emeritus, our Catholic Church and faith and the world. God help all who are misled like President Obama to listen to the real Will of God. May God send His Holy Spirit to all of us so that we may be enlightened and follow the Will of God. Amen

I came to the Shrine on a Pilgrimage and was very pleased with the events that happened before we got there and after we left I keep a watchful eye on the events through Facebook. On our journey to LaCrosse last Set 29 2012, I say were we about 35 miles from the Shrine and in the sky appear a great cross I got pictures, My mother saw this and so did the two people behind us and then at the Shrine we saw what we could do (to my mother being 82 could not do alot of galavanting} but we looked around in the gift shop went to the candle house and lite a candle for the family made it to the Shrine and participated in Mass,visited the tomb of the unborn and then made it to the last Station of the Cross, said our prayers and headed back down. On this trip I watched a girl who was cold to faith of anykind (her mother requested she take the trip) accept that God is real and forgiving and like a child with a new gift told me she was blessed Here I may also add part Comes from Friar Joe of Warsaw ND and she had a relic blessing also and she was so happy, Her life changed that day as did mine I realized noone but the Lord can make me happy if others do, it is a bonus and the many sleepless nights I have are not from fear but from the need to hear his words and in them I and finding peace, still confused but so much more acceptable to the ins and outs, and I have since that time took my occassional prayers to daily of 2 1/2 hours a day I have yearned to be there at the Shrine so often and I have asked that I may return this year, and then I open the book today and the three Shrines are listed as part of the year of Faith ... AMEN I say AMEN

I have had the good fortune to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in LaCrosse many times and I feel such peace when I am there! I thank Cardinal Burke for getting this Shrine built. I hope all of you will consider a pilgrimage to this most wonderful place...you will be surprised at the beauty of it...I promise you! I will be enjoying The Cornerstone.

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