Calling All Grandparents!

st_annaWe are inviting all Catholic grandparents to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Sunday, July 30, 2017, the Sunday preceding the feast day of Saints Joachim and Ann, the grandparents of Jesus, at 11:00 AM.

This celebration occurs concurrently with the National Grandparents Pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady in Walsingham, England.

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke will be the principal celebrant of the Mass.

The goal of “Calling All Catholic Grandparents” is to help grandparents pass on the true Faith to their grandchildren, to pray for them and to esteem and support them.  Transmitting the faith is one of the greatest challenges and one of the most important tasks of grandparents. There is a real danger that the present generation will break the chain of faith which links us  to the early Church. We live in a world of broken and fragmented families. Grandparents often are the only people in their grandchild’s life who are believing, practicing Catholics and they thereby  have a unique opportunity to plant seeds of faith with their grandchildren.

We will have an information table at the Shrine Pilgrim Center before and after Mass for those grandparents who are interested in learning about how they can:

Pass on the faith and keep prayer at the heart of family life.

If you have any questions about “Calling All Catholic Grandparents,” please email Yvonne  or Jeanne.

To learn more about the CGA in the United States, please visit Catholic Grandparents Association USA.

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